Blind Taste Test: Cheap Gross Tasting American Beer

by Kevin on August 12, 2010

Four of us decided this past Monday to try a blind taste test  with cheap American beer to see if we were able to tell the difference between the four options.  We purchased four 24 oz. cans for two dollars each at a local package store. We tasted Miller Lite, Bud Light, Coors Light and Natural Ice. I knew going into this that it wouldn’t be easy to tell one fizzy yellow water from another. All four beers tasted/smelled the same , bland with zero aroma.  Out of the four of us, two were able to get one right and the other two got none of them correct.  I only got the Miller Lite correct and that was me just guessing.  The one beer that had the worst taste we all assumed was Natural Ice , but it was actually Bud Light.  I noticed there is a big difference between drinking these beers ice cold compared to a cellar temperature. I could let my craft beer sit out for awhile and still enjoy drinking it, but these beers tasted terrible by the time it was my turn to do the taste test after they were sitting out for bit.  The big brewers spend millions of dollars advertising to us to drink these beers ice cold only because these beers taste terrible if they are not really cold.  That is the power of marketing for you, makes everyone believe beers should be poured ice cold in frosted mugs.  Overall I had fun with this challenge trying to guess these beers, but did not enjoy the taste of them.

If you have ever held a blind taste with light beer let me know the results.


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