Beer Review: Samuel Adams Wee Heavy

by Scott S. on March 9, 2011

This past weekend, I found Samuel Adams Wee Heavy at my local liquor store.  This is part of the Samuel Adams Imperial Series.  It comes in a 4-pack with an ABV of 10%.  Wow!

Samuel Adams Wee Heavy

Appearance: Dark chocolate brown with a red tint.  Tan head with medium bubbles.  Medium lacing that clings to the glass for a good amount of time.

Aroma: Coffee, chocolate and lots of malt.

Taste: Heavy malt flavor.  Warming alcohol, but not heavily evident.  Some milk chocolate in the middle.  Some sweetness, earthiness, a hint of molasses.  More bitter than I expected.  Towards the end, I tasted a little bit of rubber band and band aid…weird.

Overall: Not as sweet as I’m used to with wee heavys, and a bit more bitter for the style than I am used to.  I didn’t feel like it matches the style very well.  As a beer in general, it was too malt heavy and reminded me of the old school craft beers (Pete’s Wicked, for example).

Grade: B

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