Alabamians boycott Colorado beer

by Scott S. on April 22, 2011

Some surprising news came out this morning that some Alabamians are boycotting a number of Colorado craft breweries; Avery, Boulder, Durango, Great Divide and Tommyknocker.  Specifically, the organization known as Free The Hops is boycotting Anheuser-Busch and “all products from their distribution network”.  They will continue this ban until the Brewery Modernization Act becomes Alabama law, which will allow breweries to “sell on-premises like a brewpub, or to wholesalers, or to both”.

It appears that the main target is meant to be the distributors in Alabama, which are mostly A-B distributors, and not the breweries themselves.  The organization just put up a new post, We’re Not Boycotting Great Divide, which goes on to explain they are not targeting the breweries, the ban is meant for the distributors.

But the fact remains; they are boycotting the very beers they claim to want more of.  I do understand what it is they are doing and why they are doing it, but I do not think the approach is right.  Don’t ban the craft brewers, ban the distributors and A-B.  But the question is, how?  How can they ban only A-B and the distributors without it affecting the craft brewers too?

Legislation, public perception, ban on specific products…maybe these are some approaches, but would they be effective?  One thing is for sure, if they wanted attention, they are definitely getting it, and maybe that is really the purpose of the boycott.

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