Uncle Billy’s 4th Anniversary Party Recap

by Matt A on April 29, 2011

I had a great time yesterday at Uncle Billy’s anniversary/birthday party (12 house beers on tap, what’s not to like??). They had a lot of great specialty beers on tap and quaint live music. The weather was absolutely perfect, which made for a much more enjoyable pint on their patio.

The Live Music


Sometimes when you go to parties that revolve around the beer, things can get a little crowded. As fun as that can be at times, it can also get very annoying. This was not the case at Uncle Billy’s. It was never crowded, and the environment was just so relaxing…it was basically a perfect Austin afternoon.

The first beer I tried was their Anniversary IV, aka Muscles from Brussles. Amos described it as a hoppy Belgian style Pale Ale. It was absolutely delicious. The cascade hops they used lent a really floral and fruity aroma (detected some grapefruit and mango). It was slightly cloudy, with a really pillowy white head. It was light and refreshing, with a nice dry mouth feel and a good bitter kick at the end. Well done!

Muscles from Brussles


After their Anniversary beer, I headed outside and plopped down on one of their outdoor bar stools. The second beer I had was their Bitchin’ Camaro, a standard Amber Ale. A classic style done well once again by the brewers at Uncle Billy’s.

Bitchin' Camaro


The next beer I had I was really excited about, their Bourbon Barrel ‘Ivan Drago’ Russian Imperial Stout. I am a huge fan of their regular Ivan Drago. It’s just a huge malty stout, with tons of chocolate and coffee aromas and flavors (one of my favorites). However, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Bourbon Barrel Ivan Drago. It just had too much whiskey flavor for my liking. And I’m not just talking a hint of whiskey, I’m talking like a punch of whiskey. The whiskey flavor dominated the flavors too much for my liking. If you like whiskey, though, you’d like this beer.

The demon emerged from the Ivan Drago


I finished the night off with another one of my favorites…their Bourbon Barrel Cascadian Dark Ale (aka Black IPA). This one doesn’t have the dominating whiskey flavors, but just a tiny kick from the barrels. It’s malty, it’s hoppy, it’s delicious. I highly recommend trying this one if they have it on tap.

Bourbon Barrel CDA


Not only that, I went home with a growler of their Hop Zombie IPA. This thing packs a ton of hop flavor, so it will be perfect for a Friday after-hours pint. Cheers

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