Has Macro Brew Advertising Met its Match?

by Bryan on May 16, 2011


And now we finally have our first open mocking of large breweries and their use of advertising to sell an inferior product.  Kudos to you Breckenridge Brewery and let it be known that we admire your stones!  While they will only air the spots locally in Denver, they WILL air during Broncos games (if the NFL owners don’t pull a 1994 MLB), which of course traditionally caters to a crowd laden with “blue mountain” drinkers and auto-tuned friends chirping about their shitty light beer.  Thankfully the power of the Internets will make this thing go viral:

Breckenridge Brewery – Sevendrupple Hopped

Breckenridge Brewery – If you touch it and it’s cold…

Breckenridge Brewery – Gravity Activated Pouring

Breckenridge Brewery – Cold is not a Flavor

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