Artisanal Premium Cheese: Summertime Cheese and Beer Pairings

by Artisanal Premium Cheese on May 25, 2011

As the temperature heats up our tastebuds appreciate a refreshing beer. It is a time of the year that the cheeses should not be forgotten whatsoever. We begin to see a broader variety of types available in the late spring than what were around in the earlier months of the year. The greatest diversity of cheeses is available in peak form later in the fall but there is little reason to hold off. You may recall a previous entry here where I suggested that you will fit into your bathing suit better with a little cheese in your diet, seriously!

Cremont is a Semi-soft cheese made in the US

We tasted a couple of cheeses with several beers recently: the Cremont and the Terraluna. Both of them paired beautifully with a full range of beers, from the lightest of pilsners to the darkest of stouts. When you consider the qualities that each of these cheeses possess: great balance, a touch of salt, slightly tart, and semi-firm textures; it makes the success of the marriages seem obvious.


Carles Roquefort is a Blue Cheese made in France


When you move on to the blues, such as the North Country Blue or the Carles Roquefort, the Peral, etc. you generally find that the best beer matches are on the heftier end. This is not an absolute though. These exquisite blues can be just the ticket for some of the lighter craft beers as well. The fruit flavor in those brews balances the savory notes in the blue cheeses. The effervescence in beer helps to lift up the deeper flavors in artisanal cheeses, blues included.

Artisanal's Memorial Day Weekend Collection

The Cremont, the Terraluna, and the North Country Blue are included in the Memorial Day Collection and if you are planning to be outdoors during the coming months you will want to take advantage of those marvelous nutrients provided by cheese that can help protect your skin!

Max McCalman of Artisanal Premium Cheese

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