Let Us Now Praise (In)famous Cans

by Liam on May 25, 2011

Pavlov himself could not have thought of a more ear perking sound.  The crack of a can is the sound of relaxation, revelry, or perhaps at an unfortunately silent moment in a movie theatre, the dead giveaway of someone breaking the rules.  I want to take this opportunity to praise canned beer of all backgrounds.

Cans are the best personal vessel for beer.  Why? Cans completely block out light, have no room extra airspace like a bottleneck, cool faster, are recyclable, and you can crush them with you or your neighbors forehead.

Many people shy away from cans at the risk of looking like the guy under the highway overpass.  Most people complain of the “metallic” taste the beer gets.  First, not just Red Dog, Natural Ice, and Olde English come in cans.  Oskar Blues for example, packages their beers in either keg or can.  They have a range of impressive beers, from a great Double IPA, to highly rated Imperial Stout.  Brooklyn cans their flagship Brooklyn Lager, and their Summer Ale.  Sixpoint Brewery out of Brooklyn are revealing their cans to the market this week.

The other stigma is that cans make the beer taste metallic, while the glass bottles impart no flavors.  The truth is, cans have had protective plastic liners for a very long time, and while it is always fun to drink straight from the can, to really enjoy the nuances of any beer (and wine, but you knew that) it should be poured in a proper glass.

Cans are a smarter, lighter, fun, and more environmentally friendly package for beer.  Is it possible for all craft beer brewers and drinkers to make the change?  Yes we can.

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