Press Release: Untappd and RedPint Join Forces

by Kevin on June 7, 2011

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Today Untappd just announced they have acquired their beer check-in competitor RedPint and are welcoming RedPint’s Co-Founder John Vajda to their team.  I have been a big supporter of Untappd for awhile now because of their community of users, ease of use, and the staff are always looking to improve their service to the end-user.  Greg and Tim have done a great job and now with the addition of John, I believe they will develop more enhanced features and build a larger community with both networks now as one.  I am not sure what will happen to your RedPint mobile app or the social medals you have may earned, but I am sure the team will do something collaborative to combine everything into one centralized area.

Remember, we are all just trying to drink more socially.

–          Kevin

From Untappd’s Blog:

Untappd has been growing beyond our expectations and with our recent surpassing of the one million check-in mark, we’re truly humbled by the community and all of the support you have been giving us. It is this sense of community in the beer world that has really helped Untappd thrive.

Today we are proud to announce that we have acquired fellow beer check-in service RedPint and have joined forces. Started in late 2010 by co-founders John Vajda and Alicia Benjamin, RedPint has built a very dedicated craft beer community surrounding their application. As with many craft breweries, collaboration is one of the best ways to benefit the community and it is with this merger that we will be able to dedicate more time and resources to continue to build and cultivate Untappd.

RedPint Co-Founder John says:

We truly love our RedPint community and in the spirit of the craft beer movement, grew to appreciate Untappd as a competitor and a colleague in this space. We want nothing more than to see the modernizing of the craft beer experience via mobile apps and change the beer industry for the better.  At RedPint, we feel we’ve carried this torch alone as far as it can go alone, and we believe a collaboration is key to the success of making what we’ve built into a real company. Therefore, we are honored to announce that we have been acquired by Untappd and will be merging our companies together.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to John (@genexerjv) as he joins the Untappd team.

Additionally, we would like to welcome to the RedPint community! There’s no need to download an app; just point your mobile device to or you can quickly create your account online by heading over to our sign up page.

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