Abita Brewing: Craft Beer Cans Are Ready For Mardi Gras

by Kevin on February 2, 2012

Louisiana’s Premier Craft Beer Ready For Mardi Gras

(New Orleans) The Abita Brewing Company is pleased to announce the debut of three of its flagship brews in cans: Amber, Purple Haze® and Jockamo I.P.A.® The Abita cans will appear in stores, restaurants and bars in the New Orleans area Monday, February 6 and with wider distribution across the region and the nation to follow.

Consumers can get a sneak peek at the new Abita cans at a Pub Crawl scheduled for Friday, February 3 at 6P.M. in New Orleans. Participation in the Pub Crawl is free, but registration is required. Abita fans can get all the details and pre-register online at abita.com

Abita Goes Where You Go

“We’re very excited about this launch. Now our customers can take Abita to the places we love in Louisiana where glass might not be convenient or allowed…parades, fishing, tubing, golfing or the beach,” said David Blossman, Abita Brewing Company President . “We’ve made it even easier to bring Abita to the party, wherever it’s happening.”

“For many years people associated craft beer with glass bottles only, but the perception and the technology of the aluminum beverage can has really changed. We feel confident that today’s cans are a quality solution that will preserve and protect the flavor of Abita,” said Blossman.

The new Abita cans will be coated with a special water-based lining to protect and preserve the great taste of the beer. This lining insulates the beer from the can’s interior surface. Canning also limits exposure to UV light and oxygen, two elements that can damage the taste of beer.

Abita will continue packaging in glass just as they have since they began brewing in 1986.

About The Abita Brewing Company

The Abita Brewing Company was founded in Abita Springs, Louisiana in 1986 and is theoldest and largest craft brewer in the southeast. Abita is the 30th largest commercial brewer by production volume in the nation and the 17th largest craft brewer in the United States. Sales for the brewery were 125,400 barrels last year.

Abita Brewing Company produces seven flagship brews year-round: Abita Amber, Golden, Light, Turbodog®, Purple Haze®, Jockamo I.P.A.® and Restoration Pale Ale®. Abita also offers five seasonal beers, three Harvest brews, three Big Beers and a draft-only series of Select beers.

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