Beer Review: Victory Prima Pils

by Chad on February 4, 2012

Victory Prima Pils

Now this is what a pilsner should be. The color of Victory Prima Pils is a very light yellow and totally see through. In fact, you might think it’s from Big Beer just from the look, even if it is a little hazier. But that first whiff will change your mind. Spicy and floral hops fill the glass so you know it’s actually got some flavor!

There is a bit of grainy malt here, but the hops really shine through. Spicy, floral, grassy, this packs a lot of flavor from the hops, but not so much that it’s overpowering. Very dry finish with the grainy and grassy flavors lingering.

One of the best pilsners there is! If only all beers marketed at pilsner tasted like this!

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