Brewery Profile: Abbey Beverage Company

by Kevin on February 5, 2012

Abbey Beverage Company:

Location: Abiquiu, New Mexico
Founded: 2005

Brewery Description:

Abbey Beverage Company is the producer of Monks’ Ale, Monks’ Tripel, and Monks’ Wit. The Benedictine monks of the Monastery of Christ in the Desert controls Abbey Beverage Company and they are active in all aspects of the business including brewing, marketing, and sales. The products are brewed on a small-scale in a new separate brewery building on the grounds of the Monastery of Christ in the Desert. The new brewery will slowly expand to produce existing and seasonal draft beers. The new brewery is open for visits on a limited basis. Brewing is also done under a special agreement (not a contract brewing arrangement) with Sierra Blanca Brewing Company in Moriarty. Abbey Beverage Company controls the recipes, and all ingredients and packaging materials at both breweries.

Flagship Beers:
Monks’ Ale
Monks’s Tripel
Monks’ Wit

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