Brewery Profile: Great South Bay Brewery

by Kevin on March 1, 2012

Great South Bay Brewery:

Location:  Bay Shore, New York
Twitter: @greatsouthbay
Founded: 2010

Brewery Description:

When it comes to Bay brews, it’s not about how much we can make; it’s about how much better we can make it. It’s not about how fast we can turn it out, but about how fast the smile appears on your face when you taste it. All of our beers are craft brewed from scratch – with all malt, regional water, no preservatives and no additives – using recipes that have been endlessly tinkered with and processes that are meticulously executed. What surfaces is a mouthful of unique flavor characteristics not common to any other beers. But don’t take our word for it – the proof is in the pint! –

Flagship Beers:
Massive IPA
Blonde Ambition
Robert Moses Pale Ale
Kismet Saison
Snaggletooth Stout
Great South Bay Lager
Bayliner Weisse

Splashing Pumpkin
Sleigh Ryed
Hoppocratic Oath Imperial IPA

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