Kate The Great Day 2012

by Steve on March 21, 2012

Like the Wind Kate the Great Blows By

Outside In Line For Kate The Great 2012

After months of discussion and planning Kate the Great date blew by in an instant. Living on the East Coast we do not have the privilege of being near many rare beer releases. Armed with this information, and knowing that Portsmouth, NH is only 3 hours away, we decided this was the year to join the masses. Unfortunately, we were unable to make it there for the release of the lottery tickets to have the opportunity to purchase a bottle, but that would not stop our mission.

The day of the release finally arrived and our travel party grew from two to four people overnight. Our motto when going on any road trip is the more the merrier, and it always leads to good stories and laughs to keep our minds off the uninspiring views just off the highway in the northeast. In no time we had made it to the destination, and looking at the line we figured we had time to grab a quick bite of food before we take our place.

After a delicious breakfast at The Friendly Toast, we were ready to begin drinking. Sure we had a few hours to wait until Portsmouth Brewing Company opened their doors and the celebration began, but it couldn’t be too long of a wait could it? While the line didn’t grow much in the time we were eating it didn’t matter at the end of the day. Luck was not on our side this day as we not only had a 5 hour wait to get in the doors, but it also happened to be one of the coldest days of what had been a mild winter.

Kate The Great 2012 Accordion Player

Like any craft beer event though the time flew as we got to meet people who shared the passion and had traveled from various locations to take part in the release. Plus the brewery sent out their personal accordion player to provide entertainment for the line.

Finally, our time had come and we get to the front of the line, and the beer and warmth that had long eluded us…. or so we had thought. At that point we just wanted to get in get some Kate and some food in our systems, and fulfill the day’s goal. So when the offer for seat came we jumped on it, however, it meant we were going to be sitting outside near space heaters instead of in an enclosed and heated room. We were joined by our new friend we met in line and had spent the prior 5 hours talking with about beer.

We all ordered the same thing, a large bowl of chili and our first of three Kate the Greats. The beer was truly one of the best Russian Imperial Stouts I have had the opportunity to drink. Was it worth the wait? Yes. Did I underestimate the following and underdress for the wait? Yes. Would I do it again? Yes.

Kate The Great 2012

Life is made of these experiences, and while people may look at us like we are crazy and say “You’re waiting in line just to have a beer?”.This is why we live, to do things that we enjoy with the people who share our interest. It is also destiny that while we are in these places to make new friends, and rediscover our love of all things that make the Craft Beer Community great.

While I may need a sanity check, let me say I am beginning to think about the potential for tailgating next year. Come and join us in 2013 as we will continue to do “stupid” things to make life enjoyable.


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