Come Beer Tasting in Post Falls Idaho With Me!

by Hoppy Girl on April 20, 2012

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Samuel Smith Beer Tasting at Enoteca in Post Falls ID

At least once per month Enoteca in Post Falls has a beer tasting event and this month it was for Samuel Smith. They are an English Brewery and import their beer into the US via Merchant Du Vin and their representative did a good job at the tasting last night.

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Tom and I are also members of the Beer Club which for $20/month gives us an opportunity to try many new and different beers, but the monthly tastings are always a great way to learn something about the Brewer and their beer. I always feel smarter when we leave :)

What I did was to Tweet using the #samuelsmith hashtag during the tasting event and below you will see what I had to say. 
Thought I would throw in a photo of our Bikes and Brews NW Crew having a beverage at Enoteca at our very first stop on our September ride to Spokane from Post Falls. Going to do it again this year so if you want to know more email me at or find us on Facebook at 
Samuel Smith’s IPA is not like some of the IPA’s you will find in the United States. They brew it in the classic style and blend all the flavors together instead of making the hops the focal point of the beer, which is what you will usually find in a US brewed IPA (not all, but I would say most).
#samuelsmith IPA Classic Style with a balanced flavor and nice smooth finish. Cc: @corkjoyJamie Lynn Morgan
#samuelsmith Great education from the Merchant Du Vin representative going on tonight. Lynn Morgan
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Little bit of History: Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery at Tadcaster was founded in 1758 and is the oldest in Yorkshire. They remain small and independent. Taking pride in using the traditional methods of brewing exceptional beer. 
#samuelsmith Winter Welcome – first winter seasonal ever imported to the US starting in 1990Jamie Lynn Morgan
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Bit on their brewing process: Samuel Smith beers are brewed with an all malt grist using only the finest British pale ale malts available. Copper mash tuns are used to mix the malt with hard crystalline “liquor” (brewing water) drawn from the original well sunk over 200 years ago. Finest quality hops are added twice into the dome-shaped copper brewing vessel. 
#samuelsmith uses same yeast strain in all their beers. It is their signature ;) I like signatures.Jamie Lynn Morgan
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#samuelsmith Next one we are tasting is the Nut Brown Ale. Not usually a Nut Brown fan- so we shall see. Lynn Morgan
Ok #samuelsmith –your Nut Brown Ale is not bad. Kicks Newcastle’s behind :) Thank you sir, may I have another?Jamie Lynn Morgan
Samuel Smith still uses “Yorkshire squares” for fermentation. Made of solid blocks of slate, the traditional uncovered Yorkshire squares give the beer a profound, full bodied character and delicious earthy maltiness that is unique to Samuel Smith.
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#samuelsmith Oatmeal Stout…is that a hint of smoke in there? Creamy and delicious. But is anyone surprised? Love me some Stouts ;)Jamie Lynn Morgan
I have some people who follow what I say :) Thank you Irek. I believe he is a Stout fan too. 
RT @jamiemorgancda: #samuelsmith Oatmeal Stout…is that a hint of smoke in there? Creamy and delicious. But is anyone surprised? Love me some Stouts ;)Irek Janek
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#samuelsmith Jerry Garcia was a Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout drinker. I knew if I had been born in that era I would have been a dead head!Jamie Lynn Morgan
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Uh Oh- Organic and Fruity #samuelsmith I am a bit scared. @AllyShoshana tasting this so you don’t have too ;)Jamie Lynn Morgan
#samuelsmith is truly 100% organic since it comes from England. None of this 5% exception crap here in US. Hark- I am an Apricot fan ;)Jamie Lynn Morgan
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@corkjoy to see all my tweets from the tasting tonight search for #samuelsmith hashtag. Going to hashtag all tastings and events from now onJamie Lynn Morgan
To check out what Enoteca has to offer or maybe sign up for the Beer Club here is their website
Enoteca – Fine Wine & Beer | Connecting Post Falls, Coeur d' Alene …Connecting Post Falls, Coeur d' Alene, Spokane and surrounding towns with high quality beverages. Wine and Beer of the Month Clubs,…
For anyone who doesn’t live here in North Idaho there is also an online Beer store run by the great folks from Enoteca and you can find it here:
Beer Ship – Shipping Craft Beer to youBeer Ship – Shipping high quality craft beer, including Dogfish Head, Sierra Nevada, Mikkeller, Deschutes, Midnight Sun, Ivan the Terri…
It was a great tasting and we had a good time. Picked up our April Beer Club selections on the way out and you will just have to wait for future posts to hear about them :) 
Great tasting of the #samuelsmith beer this evening. Learned something and found some new beer to buy. Lynn Morgan

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