Big Sky Brewing Beer Tasting at Enoteca in Post Falls Idaho

by Hoppy Girl on May 24, 2012

I was impressed with this tasting and how knowledgable the Brewer from Big Sky brewing was about all things beer. We also tasted the beers in an order that would not harm our palet. IPA last… finally someone who knows how do do it right!!


Big Sky Brewing as been around 14 years and is one of Montana’s largest breweries.


Now for the Beer:

Bitterroot Sawtooth – Blonde with a nice smooth flavor. Good for a warm day.  Use 100% Montana malt and they are currently the first and only craft brewery to do that.

Bitterroot Huckleberry Honey Ale – not bad- strong smell and balanced flavor, but I am not really a fan.  Would probably taste really good with a vodka :)

Bitterroot Nut Brown Ale — nice smooth malty finish Traditional English style – nutty toasty flavors 5 Malts including Montana and a chocolate malt –Tettining hops grown here in the NW 

Bitterroot Porter — Very nice smoky flavored English Porter — Single Malt Scotch style using Pete Moss. So far this is my favorite of the evening – but you all know I am a porter/stout fan. This would probably be really nice with a single malt scotch.

Bitterroot Single Hop Ale– there are some hops in there but nice and balanced citrus profile is forward on this – IBU’S 38 Columbus Hop — Strong Northwest Pale Ale


Bitterroot India Pale Ale — English Style not too hoppy Balanced and the malt profile 4 malts Three C’s from the northwest instead of earthy hops used in Original English IPA’s

Little factoid shared at the end of the tasting: Gravity profile is what helped to preserve beer not hops as was, and still is in some circles, told as the story of how IPA’s got there start. There were actually more Stouts and Porters on ships than IPA’s.

Also, couldn’t resist taking a snapshot of what our Beer of the Month Club selections were. The Dogfish Head was really good, but the Barleywine just didn’t turn me on.

Until next time…Drink On!



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