Bikes and Brews Crew Day in Wallace Idaho July 15 2012

by Hoppy Girl on July 16, 2012

Every month on the Third Sunday the Bikes and Brews Connect NW Crew has a scheduled ride and this month it was going to be a ride from Wallace Idaho to Kellogg Idaho on the Trail of the Coeur d’Alene’s, but because of the rain we only had four people brave enough to even come out. Because there were only a few of us we decided we would just stay in Wallace and find some interesting things to do there in town.

Only problem was when we arrived at a little past 11am nothing appeared to be open, which surprised me. They had a Blues Fest there on Friday and Saturday and I am sure many people had stayed Saturday night and would be looking for something to do on Sunday. Besides the Tea Room on Brooks it looked like the Roadhouse BBQ was open so we headed there. 

I have to say the staff was great, but wasn’t all that impressed with the food. My pulled pork sandwich was cold and REALLY dry. The coleslaw and pasta salad were ok, but nothing to write home to mother about. One saving grace was that they had Wallace Brewings Vindicator IPA on Tap, so at least my beer was cold and tasted good. 

Next stop was the City Limit’s Pub where you can get North Idaho Mountain Brews and what looked like some interesting menu choices. I was full from our last stop and not feeling all that great so I opted to just drink (something from the last meal wasn’t sitting well with me). I really enjoyed all of the beers except for the Sunset Red. The color was really murky and had a bitter after taste that I just didn’t like at all.  My two favorite were the Pulaski Porter and the Black IPA. Really wanted to ask what hops they used in the Black Porter, but never did get around to asking anyone. Maybe next time. 

According to my fellow Bikes and Brews Crew the food was good and was very impressed that they make all their own bread for the buns on their hamburgers etc. You could also tell the burgers were hand formed and not manufactured perfect circles. This is definitely a place that I will go back to and next time I will eat. 

After the City Limit’s Pub we wandered around town and checked out a few of the shops that had opened up since we had arrived in town. The pictures above are of a car that sits out in front of the Red Light Garage and a Giant Dough Boy in the window of an antique shop.

At the Antique shop I noticed that although Wallace Brewings sign says they are closed on Sunday they were open, so I left Tom to haggle with the shop keeper about the purchase of one of his bicycles and went on over to drink a little more beer. 

Now in the past, I have been a bit harsh with my reviews of Wallace Brewing, but I never give up on any Brewery especially if they are here in North Idaho. I am glad I didn’t! With the addition of their new Brewmaster Jack Johnson (no not the singer) he has made a few tweaks, added one of his own recipes, and has turned me in to a new fan of Wallace Brews. 

Chase was hard at work behind the bar filling glasses and making a lot of weary travelers smile. We found out from a couple of the other patrons that there had been an accident on I90 and it had traffic backed up for miles.

People were getting off at Wallace waiting for the traffic to start moving again. Good thing there were places open. Feel sorry for the people who were closed. They missed out on a whole lot of business yesterday. But I digress, back to the beer. 

Now I enjoyed everyone, except the Huckleberry, but I am just not a fan of fruit beers that sometimes come off as too sweet. I did however envision a really great Beer Cocktail that could be made with it so stayed tuned. May have to make a run to Wallace to pick some up so I can experiment.

My favorite brew of the day at Wallace Brewing I don’t have a picture or the tasting notes for. I think it is fairly new to their line up and I believe it is Jack Johnson’s recipe. What was it you ask? It was the Black Lager. Great spicy notes and not too hoppy.

Everyone agreed that it was our favorite and before deciding to head home we all finished off our day with a pint of it! 

All in all it was a GREAT day! Had a wonderful time talking with friends, Tom found a new bike to add to his collection, and I had a chance to try out some great beer. I also now have some places to recommend to people as they are making their way through our beautiful area.

Hope to see you soon!

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