Brewery Profile: Adelbert’s Brewery

by Kevin on August 16, 2012

Adelbert’s Brewery

Location: Austin, TX
Twitter: @adelbertsbeer
Founded: 2010

Brewery Description:

Adelbert’s Brewery is named as a tribute to George Adelbert Hovey (1953-2000), the founder’s brother. Del always took time to enjoy a good beer with family and friends. He visited and resided in many regions of the world, wholeheartedly embracing the local people. He was a generous individual genuinely concerned with the welfare of everyone he met. Whether he was working with the president of his company or a worker hand-pollinating flowers in a greenhouse, he treated all with respect and dignity. He lived to a high standard of empathy and self-sacrifice. –

Flagship Beers:
Rambler Ale
Scratchin’ Hippo
Dancin’ Monks
Tripel B
Naked Nun

Limited Beers:
Black Rhino
Flyin’ Monks

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