Brewery Profile: Ass Kisser Hand Crafted Ales

by Kevin on August 21, 2012

Ass Kisser Hand Crafted Ales

Location: San Jose, CA
Twitter: @AssKisserAles
Founded: 2010

Brewery Description:

Ass Kisser Ales is a small family owned Craft Beer/Ale brand that is being made in San Jose, California. AKA has joined Hermitage Brewery in partnership to insure our Mission Statement. “In every bottle we put our effort and desire to provide high quality ales that have flavor, style and depth while providing a fun and share worthy experience.” We strive to have uncompromising professionalism and respect for the craft. Our process adheres to the Reinheistsgbot. This obviously German word translates as “Purity Order.” By following this order, we use only four basic ingredients in our brewing process: water, malt (malted barley and malted wheat), hops and yeast in our traditional style craft ales such as the Double IPA and Smoked Porter. Our mix and style of beers is traditional and unique and we hope that you will enjoy viewing the information on and sharing this with your friends and maybe even your boss! Cheers!-

Double IPA
Smoked Porter
Vanilla Pale Ale
American Style Hefewiezen
Strawberry Belgian Style Wit

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