Brewery Profile: Avondale Brewing Company

by brewingsomefun on August 23, 2012

Avondale Brewing Company

Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Twitter: @avondalebrewing

Brewery Description:

Combine the charm of a historic town, the passions of several good friends, a rooted respect for the craft of brewing and you have unearthed the beginning of what Avondale Brewing Company is all about. A byproduct of the collaboration between Coby and Hunter Lake and Craig Shaw, ABC is a locally owned and operated brewery in the heart of the Deep South with an unmistakable affinity for hand-crafted brews. There’s nothing better than good stories told over great beer. That’s why at Avondale Brewing Company we name all our beers after the folklore of Avondale, Alabama. You’ll hear stories about our beloved beer-guzzling mascot Miss Fancy the Elephant, her infamous handler and his antics, a civil war battle with an unusual outcome, an iconic local landmark with a rich history, and much more. We craft our brews with the same unique character and style as the stories they’re named after. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor. Trunks Up! –

Spring Street Saison
Battlefield IPA
Miss Fancy’s Tripel
Vanillaphant Porter
Mr. Todd’s Brown

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