Brewery Profile: Barhop Brewing

by brewingsomefun on August 23, 2012

Barhop Brewing

Location: Port Angeles, Washington
Founded: 2010

Brewery Description:

Barhop Brewing: Like many native Californians, Tom struggled with the all the rain in the northwest until he figured out what to do with it: start fermenting it! And so Barhop Brewing was born. On brew days, you can hear Tom brewing to the tunes of Pearl Jam, Bob Marley, The Grateful Dead, Led Zepplin, and so on. Tom’s California beer-drinking youth provided him with a strong affinity for the pioneers of micro-brewing, back when Sierra Nevada, Pete’s Wicked, and Mendocino Brewing were small craft brewers. Decades of drinking beer – and specifically micro-brews – have contributed to Tom’s brewing pedigree. (Or so he says.) Currently he is a big fan of Elysian and Russian River Brewing, and these companies have influenced his brewing style which he calls “aggressive California-style ales, with a Northwest twist, using fresh Northwest ingredients”. –

Predecessor ESB
PA 7
Gluten Freedom Ale
Redneck Lager
Cather Rye Ale

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