Brewery Profile: Buffalo Bill’s Brewery

by Kevin on December 31, 2012

Buffalo Bill’s Brewery

Location: Hayward, CA
Founded: 1983

Brewery Description:

Twenty-five years ago, Buffalo Bill’s Brewery pioneered a bold new direction in beer-crafting, firing up America’s groundbreaking microbrew stampede. Today, one of the nation’s oldest brewpubs continues to delight patrons with a full selection of outstanding signature brews. This includes the historic Buffalo Beer – the very first beer produced at the tiny brewery back in 1983, the “irreconcilably different” Alimony Ale, Tasmanian Devil ale with its huge hop flavor, and seasonal specialties like the legendary Pumpkin Ale, Orange Blossom Cream Ale, and Blueberry Oatmeal Stout. Buffalo Bill’s also offers a full restaurant menu, participates in a host of community events, and partners with top distributors and retailers across the U.S. to bring fresh beer to you.
Operating from its beautifully restored, historic 1930s building in downtown Hayward, Buffalo Bill’s is still the place friendly people come for great food, fun, and a damn good beer! –


Alimony Ale
Blueberry Oatmeal Stout
Orange Blossom Cream
America’s Original Pumpkin
Imperial Pumpkin Ale
Strawberry Blonde Ale

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