Brewery Profile: Carver Brewing Company

by Kevin on December 31, 2012

Carver Brewing Company

Location: Durango, CO
Twitter: @CarverBrewing
Founded: 1988

Brewery Description:

We opened our brewery in 1988. We were the second craft brew pub in the state and have grown to a capacity of 1000 barrels a year (a barrel is 31 gallons). Our ales take from 14 to 40 days, depending on the style, to complete the boiling, cooling, fermentation and conditioning processes. All of our ales are unfiltered, unpasteurized, served at 41º F and less carbonated than American Lagers to allow their full flavors to be enjoyed and savored. –


Lightner Creek Lager
Old Oak Amber Ale
Colorado Trail Nut Brown Ale
Jack Rabbit Pale Ale
Rasberry Wheat Ale
Cascade Canyon Cask IPA
Iron Horse Stout
The Razzmosa

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