Brewery Profile: Choc Beer Company

by Kevin on January 10, 2013

Choc Beer Company

Location: Krebs, OK
Twitter: @ChocBeerCo
Founded: 1919

Brewery Description:

In Italian immigrant Pete Prichard’s effort to support his family, he came up with the idea of using an Indian Territory recipe to brew a beverage for the coal miners. Pete’s idea led to trouble during Prohibition. He was convicted, not once but twice, for breaking the federal Prohibition Act. Prohibition was repealed in the late 1950s, but home brewed beverages were still illegal because they didn’t bear the proper liquor stamps. Nevertheless, homemade Choc and wine continued to be available to regular customers at Pete’s, a restaurant owned by Prichard in Krebs, Okla. Those customers happen to include JFK and high-powered Oklahoma politicians. Finally, in 1995, through tireless efforts on the part of Joe Prichard, the grandson of the founder, Pete’s Place reintroduced Choc beer as part of the restaurant’s tradition and a “legal” brew for customers –


1919 American Pale Wheat Ale
Basement Batch American Pale Ale
Belgian-Style Amber
Belgian-Style Dubbel
Belgian-Style Quad
Belgian-Style Trippel
Bière De Garde
Black OPA (Oklahoma Pale Ale)
Choctoberfest Vienna Lager
Double Black IPA American Black Ale
Grätzer Smoked Beer
Kuehner Weisse Hefeweizen
Last Laugh Witbier
Louie’s Ultimate Pale Ale American Pale Ale (APA)
Miner Mishap Schwarzbier
OPA-Oklahoma Pale Ale
Pietro Piegari American Amber
Smoked Porter Smoked Beer
Spring India Pale Ale
Summer Belgian-Style Blonde Ale
Super Saison
Waving Wheat Witbier
Wild Brew 2012 Saison
Winter Baltic-Style Porter
Winter Stout American Stout
XO Lounge Lager

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