Brewery Profile: Three Floyds Brewing Co.

by Kevin on February 1, 2013

Three Floyds Brewing Co.

Location: Munster, IN
Twitter: @3Floyds
Founded: 1996

Brewery Description:

Three Floyds Brewing Company LLC was founded in 1996 by brothers Nick and Simon with their father Mike Floyd. The original brewery was built by Nick and Simon in a run down warehouse located in Hammond, Indiana. The first beers brewed by the brothers were designed to be a departure from the fairly bleak craft brewing scene in the region. Nick and Simon brewed intense balanced beers that were and still remain “not normal” by conventional standards. The first brew house was an old 5 barrel (155 gallon) kettle fired by a wok burner with old open Swiss cheese tanks as fermentation vessels. This very small and eclectic system was utilized to produce full flavored draught ales for the Chicago and Northwest Indiana region. With increasing support and demand for Three Floyds ales the brewery slowly and methodically grew, eventually outgrowing the Hammond location. In 2000 the whole operation was moved to Munster, Indiana where it remains today. This new era for the brewery included a new 15 barrel (465 gallon) brewhouse and three 30 barrel bonifide closed and temperature controlled fermentation tanks. With new quality control measures, equipment and space to grow Three Floyds looked toward bottled products. Due to limited resources the first bottles of Alpha King Pale Ale were contract brewed and bottled. This lasted until 2002 when a reconditioned Italian bottling line at the Munster facility started to spit out beautiful 12 and 22 oz bottled Three Floyds beers in house. –


Alpha King Pale Ale
Alpha Klaus Christmas (Xmas) Porter
Apocalypse Cow
Arctic Panzer Wolf
Battle Priest
Behemoth Blonde Barleywine
Black Sun Stout
Blackheart English
Blot Out The Sun Stout
Booty Camp
Brian Boru Old Irish Red
Broo Doo
Bully Guppy
Busy Boyz
Calumet Queen
Cimmerian Sabertooth Berzerker
Conquistador De Muerte
Creepy Raider
Dark Lord Imperial Stout
Das Kleine Schwarz
Deesko! Berliner
Delilah’s 19th Anniversary
Dreadnaught IPA
Drunk Monk Hefeweizen
Formorian Priestess
Gorch Fock
Ham On Rye
Hell’s Black Intelligencer
Jinx Proof
Lawless Extra
Live A Rich Life
Lord Admiral Nelson
Michiana Power
Murda’d Out Stout
Mushy P.
Mutiny & The Mollusk
Powder Burns
Pride & Joy Mild Ale
Rabbid Rabbit
Region Riot
Robert The Bruce Scottish Ale
Rune Priest
Rye’d Da Lightning
Rye’da Tiger
Samurai Gazebo
Sand Pebbles
Snow Weasel
Stack N Stabb
Stygian Darkness
Thick White Freeks
Tiger Jelly
Topless Wytch
Zes Zes Zes
Zombie Dust

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