Brewery Profile: Heavy Seas Beers

by Kevin on February 14, 2013

Heavy Seas Beers

Location: Baltimore, MD
Twitter: @HeavySeasBeer
Founded: 1995

Brewery Description:

To craft well-balanced, full-bodied beers using a combination of traditional and avant-garde brewing methods and to be a leader in cask conditioned ales. OK. Now the fun version. To boldly go where no man… Wait a minute. Somebody already said that. How about, to make awesome beer and have fun being a swashbuckling Pyrate-type. Yeah—I think that works. But why? Because Pyrates are cool in a very special way. As I once read, “the average man will bristle if you say his father was dishonest, but he will brag a little if he discovers that his great-grandfather was a pirate.” For me, this captures what Heavy Seas is all about—an attitude of risk-taking, a touch of the playful rogue, a desire to stretch the boundaries, all wrapped in an appealing costume of possible impropriety with a twinkle in the eye. I believe this is an attitude that we can all embrace—indeed, that we need to embrace from time to time. Who hasn’t occasionally allowed his imagination to take the helm of a Pyrate ship and set off into uncharted waters? We want you to see that in our beers: from the sessionable, to the bold, to the adventuresome styles of Uncharted Waters—and especially in our cask ales. The spirit of exploration blended with a mischievous sense of fun, that’s our Mission. Aaargh! Because as we know, Sailors tell stories… Pyrates make Legends! -Hugh Sisson-


Bacon Noire Walks The Plank
BrewThru Big “D”s Awesome Ale
CrossBones Oyster Stout
Double Barrel Oaked Loose Cannon W/ Wet West Coast Hops
Dubbel Cannon
Heavy Seas – Aarsh Imperial Red Ale
Heavy Seas – Barrel Aged Siren Noire W/ Vanilla Beans & Oak
Heavy Seas – Below Decks (Barley Wine Style Ale)
Heavy Seas – Bourbon Barrel Aged Letter Of Marque 2011
Heavy Seas – Bourbon Barrel Aged Siren Noire Imperial Chocolate Stout
Heavy Seas – Classic Lager
Heavy Seas – Davy Jones Lager (Imperial Cream Ale)
Heavy Seas – Gold Ale
Heavy Seas – Holy Sheet (Über Abbey Ale)
Heavy Seas – Hop Harvest Ale
Heavy Seas – Märzen
Heavy Seas – Oak Aged Peg Leg (Imperial Stout)
Heavy Seas – Pale Ale
Heavy Seas – Peg Leg Imperial Stout
Heavy Seas – Peg Leg W/ Smoked Vanilla, Coffee And Birch
Heavy Seas – Plank I
Heavy Seas – Prosit!
Heavy Seas – Red Sky At Night (Saison Ale)
Heavy Seas – Sea Nymph Summer Ale
Heavy Seas – Siren Noire Imperial Chocolate Stout
Heavy Seas – Small Craft Warning (Über Pils)
Heavy Seas – Smoke On The Water
Heavy Seas – The Great Pumpkin
Heavy Seas – The Great’er Pumpkin
Heavy Seas – Wet Hop Cascade Pale Ale
Heavy Seas – Winter Storm (“Category 5″ Ale)
Heavy Seas Black Cannon
Heavy Seas Black Cannon Thai IPA
Heavy Seas Bourbon Barrel Aged Below Decks
Heavy Seas Cabernet Barrel Aged Below Decks
Heavy Seas Golden Ambrosia
Heavy Seas Letter Of Marque 2012 (Tripel Wit)
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon – American Hop3 Ale
Heavy Seas Winking Wit
Land Ho! Black Pilsner Style Lager (Devil’s Backbone Collaboration)
Obryki’s Lager
Oxford Organic Raspberry Wheat Beer
Peg Leg (Cask W/ Montmorency Tart Cherries & Dry Hopped)
Phillips Amber Ale
Plank I (Rum Barrel)
Plank II
Pleasure Of Land And Sea
Treasure Of The Sea


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