New Albanian Hoptimus

by Chad on March 29, 2013

New Albanian Hoptimus New Albanian Hoptimus

This is the first I’ve ever heard of New Albanian Brewing Company, which is in New Albany, Indiana.

Hoptimus is their Imperial IPA. With a kickass robot brandishing a red star and boasting 100 IBUs, Hoptimus seems to be saying “I will break your taste buds.”

Pours orange and surprisingly crisp and clear for an Imperial IPA. Thin layer of a white head floats atop. The aroma is all fresh, citrusy hops. The punch is not as big as expected from a 100 IBU beer, but you know it’s an IPA. Loads of citrus and grassy hops give it a very fresh, summery flavor. Enough sweetness from the malt to cut through. With no bottling date, there is no way to know how old it is. The flavor is great, but I’m wondering if the hops have lost some potency. Oh, and it clocks in pushing 11% ABV.

Even if this is a little old, it’s really tasty. Lots of hops, enough malt to give it some balance, and deceptively smooth for its ABV and IBU. I’ll definitely do this again!

Grade: A


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