Brewery Profile: Newburgh Brewing Company

by Kevin on April 11, 2013

Newburgh Brewing Company

Location: Newburgh ,NY
Twitter: @NewburghBrewing
Founded: 2012

Brewery Description:

Honor. You’ll find a good deal of it in everything we do here at the Newburgh Brewing Company. We honor the natural goodness of our ingredients, by working hard to make them shine through in every sip. We honor the rich history of Newburgh, a tough-minded town that’s still as hardscrabble as it was when General George Washington stationed his army here more than 200 years ago. That earnest, pull yourself up by your bootstraps energystill abounds in Newburgh and it’s reflected in the simple,honest flavors you’ll find in our beer. People have been brewing beer in Newburgh since before America was America – it’s a tradition we’re proud to be a part of. Most important, we honor you. We love making beer. We pour our passion into this brewery every day and we are deeply honored each time you choose to enjoy the fruits of our labor. –


Newburgh Bitter English
Newburgh Brown Ale
Newburgh Cream Ale
Newburgh HoneyWeizen
Newburgh Menditto-Madura 2012 Harvest Ale
Newburgh NewBurton IPA English
Newburgh Old Tjikko Baltic Spruce
Newburgh Paper Box Pale Ale
Newburgh Peat-Smoked Stout
Newburgh Saison
Newburgh Squashtober Ale
Newburgh Sterk Aal Van Hoodie
Newburgh Unkle Dunkel
The Newburgh Conspiracy
Von Steuben’s Gose

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