BrewingSomeFun’s Top 15 Must Try Beers of #SAVOR 2013

by Kevin on June 5, 2013

As we come off the high that was American Craft Beer Fest (ACBF), the eagerness for Savor continues to grow. After our ACBF list of the 15 must try beers was mostly well received, we decided to come up with a similar list of 15 beers for Savor. Please keep in mind that we put this together with an end goal and our own methodology. Just like everyone has a unique pallet, everyone’s list would likely be just as different.

Now the question that seems to come with lists, “How did you get to the list?” There may be some duplicates from our ACBF list, which is because we approached it as if the attendees are different people. Our goal was to create a list which had a good spread of styles, and no more than one beer per brewery. The beers should also be limited releases, not widely distributed, or are highly sought after. We hope that anyone using the list will enjoy the experience, and experience a variety of breweries and styles. These are merely suggestions to help narrow down a list which could be intimidating to some people.

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