Featured Beer: Wild Wolf Brewing Company – Strawberry Schwarzcake

by Kevin on June 10, 2013

Wild Wolf Brewing Company – Strawberry Schwarzcake

This is not your typical fruit beer and definitely not what you expect when you see its black color and tan head. This beer is extremely light in body with notes of chocolate and roasted malt and just a touch of strawberry flavor to balance the astringency; finishing clean and crisp. If you dislike fruit beer and dark beers – you need to give this beer a try! Strawberry Schwarzcake is a German “schwarzbier” which literally means black beer. While it remains true to the light body of a typical schwarzbier, we had to go against tradition when it came to the fruit. Germans are known for not adding any fruit to their beers and moreover a schwarzbier is defined by the absence of fruit. We ignored convention and instead we add strawberries during primary and secondary fermentation in order to attain the flavor and aroma that makes the Schwarzcake unique. Some say you get a nose full of strawberry shortcake and a finish that mimics a chocolate covered strawberry. – www.wildwolfbeer.com

ABV: 5.00%
Style: German-Style Schwarzbier
Availability: Seasonal
State: Virginia

Serving Type: Bottle
Glassware: Pilsener Glass
Cheese Pairing: Gorgonzola

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