BSF featuring the #CTBrewCrew Take on #ACBF 2013

by Steve on June 11, 2013

We are only days away from SAVOR taking place, but I still find myself thinking about having recently attended the American Craft acbf_logoBeer Festival (ACBF). We attended the Friday session of ACBF, and made it into a one day journey incorporating everything that makes craft beer awesome. So the question is what makes craft beer awesome? We believe that it is awesome because of the community made of fans, drinkers, and brewers. The fans and drinkers will come from all over the place to attend events such as ACBF, and will talk shop with anyone they meet. The breweries will take time out of otherwise hectic schedules to pour beer, take photos, and show their appreciation to people that support them.

Our personal journey started with the drive up Boston from Connecticut, including a small stop at a liquor store along the way. As we stop in semi-regularly we have gotten to know the resident beer geeks, and could easily spend all day talking all things beer. As you can imagine with an end goal of beer plus spending time shopping for beer, we were ready to finally get some of that beverage which holds a special place in our hearts. Making sure we set a good base for ourselves we stopped in at Yard House for some lunch, and a few beers to celebrate a day of good people and good beer.

Thus the time has come for the main event of the day, ACBF. Being from the northeast we have had the opportunity to get to know many of the people from local breweries. This is why it funny that the first person we bumped into at the fest was our good friend Mark from Relic. While talking he gave us a few recommendations for beers to try, and funny enough some were on our list. Before standing in line for Double Sunshine we managed to check off Space & Time, Higher Ground, and On the Wings of Armageddon. We enjoyed everything to that point, but were happy to get a short break while in line to help pace our evening of drinking.

When we finally got to the front of the line we were very pleased with the reward for waiting, plus the line moved quickly so it’s hard to complain. Next up we stopped by Spring House to find out that unfortunately due to a mix up Big Gruesome wouldn’t make it that night. From there we bumped into some friends and chatted for a bit as we got a few more tastings. After we found out that Odio Equum was not going to be pour to later in the night we continued to hit up some of the spots from our list. Luckily the majority of the list was bunched up helping us make short order of the next beers. We managed to take out Curse of the Rye Wolf, Le Mystique Magnifique, Breakfesast at Tig’s, Enlightenment, and Old Bruin.

So far so good, enjoying good company and no major disappointments from the list we created. Prior to getting in line at Avery we managed to sample the Ciel Rouge, Mellow Gold, and Intergalactic Acid. At that point our list was almost completed only having Odio and Smoke Maple left. Once we reached the front of the line to get our pour of Odio, we took our time to enjoy it on our way to Jack’s Abbey for some Smoke Maple. ctbrewcrew

We had a great time hanging out with our friends, at this point it may be more accurate to say extended family, and the people we got to talk to as we wandered the fest. We managed to not only complete our list, but also get some other good beers along the way. One of the most pleasant surprises was Ever Weisse by Nightshift brewing, which was one of our personal favorites on the night.

Finally, we would like to give a shout out to Beer Advocate for putting on an awesome fest and welcoming us with open arms.

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