YouTube: Stone 17th Anniversary Götterdämmerung IPA

by Kevin on August 14, 2013

By: Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens

Best known for representing divergent variations of IPAs, Stone Anniversary Ales are not generally connected with ingredients like noble hops, which are often associated with lagered beer and milder hop characteristics. Enter Brewmaster Mitch Steele. He examined the landscape of beer and decided that tradition was not so much a rule as a challenge to be overcome. What exactly would happen if we decided to take the classic German pilsner and combine it with West Coast sensibilities? Would it fail? Would it succeed? Or would it be Götterdämmerung? (FYI, that’s a German translation of the Old Norse myth of the Ragnarok. ‘Nuff said.)

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IBUs: 102 ABV: 9.5%
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