Press Release: DRAFT’s Beer Runner To Complete Three-Year Beer Running Streak Oct. 4

by Steve on September 27, 2013

Tim Cigelske, DRAFT’s Beer Runner, drank craft beer and ran a mile every day for three years



 Milwaukee, Wisc. (Sept. 25, 2013) – After 1,097 days, 5,320 miles and more than 2,000 beers, Tim Cigelske, aka the Beer Runner, will finish his streak of running at least one mile and drinking at least one craft beer per day. The last day will be on October 4, his birthday, which is exactly three years after he started.

For nearly five years, Tim Cigelske has blogged as’s Beer Runner, which chronicles the intersection of the craft beer community and a healthy, active lifestyle. Before turning 29, Cigelske asked his Twitter and Facebook followers what he should do to commemorate the last year of 20’s. One suggested that he drink a craft beer and run a mile everyday; he accepted the challenge. Oct. 4, 2010, began his beer running streak and the one-year commitment stretched into a three-year journey; through snow, flu and life events, Cigelske never missed a day of drinking craft beer and running a mile. He documented his trials and triumphs on his blog (, gaining thousands of fans and the opportunity to meet fellow beer runners around the country who share his passion for healthy living and craft brew. “There’s no way I would have made it three years without the community of craft beer drinkers and runners behind me,” Cigelske said. “I’ve been inspired by all the people I’ve met on this journey, and I’ll continue to run with them, raise a beer to them and tell their stories.”

On Oct. 4, 2013, he will complete his last run in the streak. A celebration for Tim Cigelske will be held Oct. 3 at Milwaukee Brewing Co. to celebrate his accomplishment. For interview requests, contact

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