Brewery Profile: Two Roads Brewing Company

by Kevin on April 11, 2015

Two Roads Brewing Company603 Brewery

Location: Stratford, CT
Twitter: @2roadsbrewing
Founded: 2012

Brewery Description:

Build a new building for our brewery? Nope. How about resurrecting a 100 year old factory in Stratford, CT? Here in the northeastern US, many of these proud, old brick factory buildings sit empty and we think that’s a shame. After all, it was in these factories that the things that made the American Dream come true were built. When we were done cleaning, scraping and painting the old brick, wood and steel that was put together to stand forever, this old shell was reborn with the latest state-of-the-art brewing equipment, fermenting equipment, packaging equipment and is producing the finest craft beers. And almost as importantly, it’s a place where beer lovers can come together in our second story tasting room or outdoor beer garden and share a story, a laugh and some great beer. Speaking of beer, the ones we craft follow this same philosophy; unique renditions of classic beer styles created by master brewer Phil Markowski, a guy known for taking the road less traveled in every brew he makes. Whether it’s an IPA, Pilsner, Saison or a limited edition seasonal, Phil’s signature version of the beer styles he creates is crafted for beer lovers who like to take a “less traveled” road, themselves. –

Igor’s Dream
Road Jam
Henry’s Farm
Rye 95
20 Ton Barleywine

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