Brewing Ingredients: Malts and Grains

Malts and Grains:

The oldest and most predominant ingredient in brewing is barley, which has been used in beer-making for thousands of years. Modern brewing predominantly uses malted barley for its enzymatic power, but ancient Babylonian recipes indicate that, without the ability to malt grain in a controlled fashion, baked bread was simply soaked in water[citation needed]. Malted barley dried at a sufficiently low temperature contains enzymes such as amylase which convert starch into sugar. Therefore, sugars can be extracted from the barley’s own starches simply by soaking the grain in water at a controlled temperature; this is mashing. –

Type of Brewing Malts/Grains Country of Origin
2-Row Black Malt North America
2-Row Brewers Malt North America
2-Row Brewers Malt (Organic) North America
2-Row Caramel Malt 10L North America
2-Row Caramel Malt 120L North America
2-Row Caramel Malt 30L North America
2-Row Caramel Malt 40L North America
2-Row Caramel Malt 60L North America
2-Row Caramel Malt 80L North America
2-Row Carapils Malt North America
2-Row Chocolate Malt North America
6-Row Brewers Malt North America
Acid Malt Belgium
Acidulated Malt Germany
Ale Malt Australia
Amber United Kingdom
Amber Malt UK
Amber Malt United Kingdom
Amber Malt Belgium
American 2-row America
American 6-row Pale America
American Black Patent America
American Black Roast America
American Caramel 10°L America
American Caramel 120°L America
American Caramel 20°L America
American Caramel 30°L America
American Caramel 40°L America
American Caramel 60°L America
American Caramel 80°L America
American Caramel 90°L America
American Chocolate Malt America
American Munich America
American Victory America
American Vienna America
Aroma 100 EBC Malt Belgium
Aromatic Barley Malt United Kingdom
Aromatic Malt North America
Aromatic Malt Germany
Ashburne Mild Malt North America
Australian Pale Malt Australia
Australian Pilsner Australia
Australian Traditional Ale Australia
Australian Wheat Malt Australia
Belgian Aromatic Belgium
Belgian Biscuit Belgium
Belgian Black Roast Belgium
Belgian Cara-Pils Belgium
Belgian Caramunich Belgium
Belgian Caravienne Belgium
Belgian Chocolate Malt Belgium
Belgian Munich Belgium
Belgian Pale Belgium
Belgian Pils Belgium
Belgian Special B Belgian
Belgian Wheat Malt Belgium
Best Pale Ale Malt United Kingdom
Biscuit Malt Belgium
Black United Kingdom
Black Barley North America
Black Malt North America
Black Malt UK
Black Malt United Kingdom
Black Malt Germany
Black Malt Belgium
Black Roasted Barley United States
Bohemian Pilsner Malt Czech
Bonlander Munich Malt North America
British Black Patent Great Britain
British Crystal 55°L Great Britian
British Dark Crystal Great Britian
Brown United Kingdom
Brown Malt UK
Brown Malt United Kingdom
Budvar Under-Modified Pale Moravia
Canadian 2-Row Malt Canada
Canadian 6-Row Malt Canada
Canadian Craft Brewers Pale Malt Western Canada
Cara 120 EBC Malt Belgium
Cara 20 EBC Malt Belgium
Cara 50 EBC Malt Belgium
Cara Malt United Kingdom
Cara-Pils Malt North America
Cara-Pils Malt (Organic) North America
Carafa (Organic) German
Carahell (Organic) German
CaraMalt UK
Caramalt Australia
Caramalt 15 United Kingdom
Caramalt 33 United Kingdom
Caramel Amber Malt France
Caramel Malt 10L North America
Caramel Malt 120L North America
Caramel Malt 120L (Organic) North America
Caramel Malt 20L North America
Caramel Malt 35L North America
Caramel Malt 40L North America
Caramel Malt 50L North America
Caramel Malt 60L North America
Caramel Malt 60L (Organic) North America
Caramel Malt 80L North America
Caramel Malt 90L North America
Caramel Malt Dark Germany
Caramel Malt Light Germany
Caramel Malt Pils Germany
Caramel Munich 120 Malt France
Caramel Munich 40 Malt France
Caramel Munich 60 Malt France
Caramel Munich 60L North America
Caramel Munich 80 Malt France
Caramel Pilsen Malt France
Caramel Rye Malt German
Caramel Vienna Malt France
Caramel Vienne 20L Malt North America
Caramel Wheat Malt France
Caramunich (Organic) German
Carastan Malt United Kingdom
Carawheat Australia
Cargill Euro Pils North America
Cargill IdaPils North America
Cargill Munich North America
Cargill Red Wheat North America
Cargill Special Pale North America
Cargill Two-Row Pale North America
Cargill White Wheat North America
CastleCrystal Malt Belgium
Chit Malt Germany
Chocolate United Kingdom
Chocolate Malt North America
Chocolate Malt UK
Chocolate Malt United Kingdom
Chocolate Malt Belgium
Chocolate Malt France
Chocolate Malt (Organic) North America
Chocolate Rye Malt German
Chocolate Rye Malt (Organic) German
Chocolate Spelt (Dinkel) Malt German
Chocolate Wheat Malt German
Clarity United Kingdom
Coffee Light Malt Belgium
Coffee Malt Belgium
Crystal 100 United Kingdom
Crystal 120 United Kingdom
Crystal 120 United States
Crystal 15 United Kingdom
Crystal 15 United States
Crystal 150 United Kingdom
Crystal 150 United States
Crystal 30 United States
Crystal 40 United States
Crystal 45 United Kingdom
Crystal 55 United Kingdom
Crystal 60 United Kingdom
Crystal 60 United States
Crystal 65 United Kingdom
Crystal 75 United Kingdom
Crystal 75 United States
Crystal 77 United Kingdom
Crystal Malt UK
Crystal Malt 10°L American
Crystal Malt 120°L American
Crystal Malt 20°L American
Crystal Malt 40°L American
Crystal Malt 60°L American
Crystal Malt 80°L American
Crystal Malt 90°L American
Crystal Malt I UK
Crystal Malt II UK
Crystal Rye Malt UK
Crystal Wheat Malt UK
Dark Chocolate Malt North America
Dark Crystal Malt United Kingdom
Dark Crystal Malt I UK
Dark Crystal Malt II UK
Dark Munich Malt France
Dark Wheat Malt German
Diastatic Barley Malt German
Diastatic Wheat Malt German
Distillers Malt Canada
Distilling Malt United Kingdom
English 2-row Lager Great Britian
English 2-row Munich Great Britain
English 2-row Pale Great Britain
English 2-row Pils Great Britian
English 2-row Vienna Great Britian
English Amber Malt Great Britain
English Black Roast Great Britian
English Brown Malt Great Britain
English Chocolate Malt Great Britain
English Mild Ale Great Britain
English Wheat Malt Great Britian
Euro Pils United Kingdom
Extra Dark Crystal Malt United Kingdom
Extra Special Malt North America
Finest Pale Ale Malt United Kingdom
German 2-row Pils Germany
German Dark Crystal Germany
German Dark Munich Germany
German Light Crystal Germany
German Light Munich Germany
German Smoked Germany
German Vienna Germany
German Wheat Malt Dark Germany
German Wheat Malt Light Germany
Golden Naked Oats UK
Golden Promise Malt UK
Golden Promise Pale Great Britian
Halcyon Pale Ale Malt UK
Honey Malt Canada
Imperial Malt United Kingdom
Kiln Amber Malt France
Kiln Black Malt France
Kiln Coffee Malt France
Lager Malt UK
Lager/Pilsner Malt UK
Light Carastan Malt United Kingdom
Malted Wheat United Kingdom
Maris Otter United Kingdom
Maris Otter Malt United Kingdom
Maris Otter Pale Great Britian
Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt UK
Medium Crystal Malt United Kingdom
Melanoidin 40 EBC Malt Belgium
Melanoidin 80 EBC Malt Belgium
Melanoidin Malt Germany
Melanoidin Malt German
Melanoidin Malt Australia
Midwest Wheat Malt America
Moravian Well-Modified Pale Moravia
Munich 10L Malt North America
Munich 10L Malt (Organic) North America
Munich 20L Malt North America
Munich 25 EBC Malt Belgium
Munich 2RS Malt Belgium
Munich Malt Germany
Munich Malt United Kingdom
Munich Malt Australia
Munich Malt Canada
Munich Malt France
Munich Malt Dark Germany
Munich Malt Type 1 (Organic) German
Munich Malt Type 2 (Organic) German
Munich TYPE I German
Munich TYPE II German
Munich Wheat Malt Belgium
Northwest Pale Ale Malt United States
Oat Malt UK
Optic Pale Ale Malt UK
Organic Caramel 60 United States
Organic Malt Australia
Organic Munich United States
Organic Pilsner United States
Pacific Northwest Wheat America
Pale Ale United Kingdom
Pale Ale 2RS Malt Belgium
Pale Ale Malt North America
Pale Ale Malt German
Pale Ale Malt UK
Pale Ale Malt Canada
Pale Ale Malt United Kingdom
Pale Ale Malt Germany
Pale Ale Malt France
Pale Chocolate United Kingdom
Pale Chocolate Malt UK
Pale Crystal Malt UK
Pale Wheat Malt German
Pearl Pale Ale Malt UK
Peat Smoked Malt Great Britian
Peated (Smoked) Malt Belgium
Peated Malt UK
Peated Malt United Kingdom
Pilsen 2RS Malt Belgium
Pilsen 2RS Malt (Organic) Belgium
Pilsen 6RW Malt Belgium
Pilsen Malt North America
Pilsen Malt Germany
Pilsen Malt France
Pilsener Lager Malt United Kingdom
Pilsner Malt German
Pilsner Malt Canada
Pilsner Malt Australia
Pilsner Malt (Organic) German
Premium 2-Row Malt United States
Premium Pilsen Malt United Kingdom
Premium Pilsner Malt Extra Pale German
Red Wheat Canada
Red Wheat Malt North America
Roast Barley United Kingdom
Roasted Barley America
Roasted Barley German
Roasted Barley North America
Roasted Barley UK
Roasted Barley United Kingdom
Roasted Rye German
Roasted Wheat German
Roasted Wheat United Kingdom
Roasted Wheat Malt UK
Rye Ale Malt UK
Rye Crystal United Kingdom
Rye Malt America
Rye Malt North America
Rye Malt German
Rye Malt Canada
Schreier Six-Row Pale North America
Schreier Two-Row Pale North American
Smoked Malt German
Smoked Malt Germany
Special Aromatic Malt France
Special B Malt Belgium
Special Roast Malt North America
Spelt Malt (Organic) German
Standard 2-Row Canada
Standard 6-Row Canada
Stout Malt United Kingdom
Superior Pale Ale Malt Canada
Superior Pilsen Malt Canada
Toasted Pale Malt Great Britain
Victory Malt North America
Vienna 2RS Malt Belgium
Vienna Malt North America
Vienna Malt German
Vienna Malt United Kingdom
Vienna Malt Australia
Vienna Malt Germany
Vienna Malt United States
Vienna Malt France
Vienna Malt (Organic) German
Weyermann Cara-amber German
Weyermann Cara-aroma German
Weyermann CaraAmber Germany
Weyermann CaraAroma Germany
Weyermann Carafa Special TYPE I German
Weyermann Carafa Special TYPE II German
Weyermann Carafa Special TYPE III German
Weyermann Carafa I Germany
Weyermann Carafa II Germany
Weyermann Carafa III Germany
Weyermann Carafa TYPE I German
Weyermann Carafa TYPE II German
Weyermann Carafa TYPE III German
Weyermann CaraFoam Germany
Weyermann CaraHell Germany
Weyermann Carahell German
Weyermann CaraMunich I Germany
Weyermann CaraMunich II Germany
Weyermann CaraMunich III Germany
Weyermann Caramunich TYPE I German
Weyermann Caramunich TYPE II German
Weyermann Caramunich TYPE III German
Weyermann Caramunich TYPE III (200) German
Weyermann Carapils/Carafoam German
Weyermann CaraRed Germany
Weyermann Carared German
Weyermann Carawheat German
Wheat Malt UK
Wheat Malt United Kingdom
Wheat Malt Australia
Wheat Malt Belgium
Wheat Malt France
Wheat Malt Dark Germany
Wheat Malt Light Germany
Wheat Malt Pale (Organic) German
White Wheat Canada
White Wheat Malt Belgium
White Wheat Malt North America
White Wheat Malt Canada