Capital: Boston
Population 21+: 4,870,000
2011 Per Capita Consumption (Yearly Gallons of Beer Consumed Per Person) 26.0
2011 Per Capita US Rank: 41 out of 51
2011 Barrels Shipped Amount: 4,079,000
2011 Barrels Shipped US Rank: 16 out of 51

50 Back Brewing Co Pepperell, MA
Amherst Brewing Co Amherst, MA
Backlash Beer Co Boston, MA
Barrington Brewery and Restaurant Great Barrington, MA
Bay State Brewing Company Leicester, MA
Berkshire Brewing Co Inc South Deerfield, MA
Blatant Brewery Bondsville, MA
Blue Hills Brewery Canton, MA
Boston Beer Co Boston, MA
Boston Beer Works Boston, MA
Brewmasters Tavern Williamsburg, MA
Buzzards Bay Brewing Co / Just Beer Brewing Co Westport, MA
Cambridge Brewing Co Cambridge, MA
Cape Ann Brewing Co Gloucester, MA
Cape Cod Beer Hyannis, MA
Cisco Brewers Nantucket, MA
Clown Shoes Beers Lexington, MA
Cody Brewing Co Amesbury, MA
Colonial Craft Brewing Company, MA
Commonwealth Fish and Beer Co Boston, MA
Critical Mass Brewing Co. Weymouth, MA
Element Brewing Co Millers Falls, MA
Fat Cock Brewing Co Somerville, MA
Gardner Ale House Gardner, MA
Harpoon Brewery Boston, MA
Haverhill Brewery Inc. / The Tap Haverhill, MA
High & Mighty Brewing Co Belchertown, MA
Hingham Beer Works Hingham, MA
Idle Hands Craft Ales Everett, MA
Jack’s Abby Brewing Framingham, MA
John Harvards Brew House – Framingham Framingham, MA
John Harvards Brew House – Harvard Square Cambridge, MA
John Harvards Brew House Inc. (Corp) Cambridge, MA
Lefty’s Brewing Co Bernardston, MA
Mayflower Brewing Co Plymouth, MA
Mercury Brewing Co Ipswich, MA
Mystic Brewery Chelsea, MA
Nashoba Valley Winery and Brewery Bolton, MA
Night Shift Brewing, Inc Everett, MA
Northampton Brewery Northampton, MA
Nowhere Brewing Company Salem, MA
Offshore Ale Co Oak Bluffs, MA
Opa Opa Steakhouse and Brewery Southampton, MA
Paper City Brewery Co Inc Holyoke, MA
People`s Pint / Franklin County Brewing Co Greenfield, MA
Pioneer Brewing Fiskdale, MA
Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project Cambridge, MA
Rapscallion Ales Bedford, MA
Rock Bottom Brewery – Stuart Street Boston, MA
Sameul Adams – Boston Beer Co Boston, MA
Sherwood Forest Brewers Northborough, MA
Slesar Bros Brewing Co – MA
Somerville Brewing Company Somerville, MA
Trillium Brewing Brookline, MA
Wachusett Brewing Co Westminster, MA
Wandering Star Brewing Co Becket, MA
Watch City Brewing Co Waltham, MA
Whip City Brewing Westfield, MA
Wormtown Brewing Worcester, MA

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