Capital: Oklahoma City
Population 21+: 2,665,000
2011 Per Capita Consumption (Yearly Gallons of Beer Consumed Per Person) 28.4
2011 Per Capita US Rank: 29 out of 51
2011 Barrels Shipped Amount: 2,440,000
2011 Barrels Shipped US Rank: 27 out of 51

Anthem Brewing Co. Oklahoma City, OK
Battered Boar Brewing Co Edmond, OK
Belgian Bear Brewery Stonewall, OK
Belle Isle Restaurant and Brewing Co Oklahoma City, OK
Bricktown Brewery Oklahoma City, OK
Coach`s Brewing Co Norman, OK
COOP Ale Works Oklahoma City, OK
Huebert Brewing Co Oklahoma City, OK
Krebs Brewing Co Krebs, OK
Marshall Brewing Co, LLC Tulsa, OK
Mustang Brewing Co Oklahoma City, OK
Redbud Brewing Company Oklahoma City, OK
Royal Bavaria Brewhouse, Restaurant and Biergarten Moore, OK

Brewery Profile: Choc Beer Company

by Kevin on January 10, 2013