Capital: Salt Lake City
Population 21+: 1,794,000
2011 Per Capita Consumption (Yearly Gallons of Beer Consumed Per Person) 19.2
2011 Per Capita US Rank: 51 out of 51
2011 Barrels Shipped Amount: 1,111,000
2011 Barrels Shipped US Rank: 39 out of 51

Bohemian Brewery and Grill Salt Lake City, UT
Desert Edge Brewery Salt Lake City, UT
Eddie McStiffs Brewing Co c/o Eddie Snyder Moab, UT
Epic Brewing Co., LLC Salt Lake City, UT
Hoppers Grill and Brewing Co Midvale, UT
Moab Brewery Moab, UT
Pinnacle Brewing Co/Groggs Helper, UT
Red Rock Brewing Co Salt Lake City, UT
Roosters Brewing Co Ogden, UT
Ruby River Steak House and Brewery Ogden, UT
Salt City Brew Works Salt Lake City, UT
Shades of Pale Brewery Park City, UT
Squatters Pub Brewery/Salt Lake Brewing Co Salt Lake City, UT
Tracks Brewing Co Tooele, UT
Uinta Brewing Co Salt Lake City, UT
Utah Brewers Cooperative Salt Lake City, UT
Wasatch Brewpub Park City, UT
Zion Canyon Brewing Co Springdale, UT