Drink Locally

In recent years America has undergone a craft beer revolution, and the continuing expansion of this market provides virtually unlimited options to consumers. While the BrewingSomeFun community is made up of avid craft beer supporters, we focus on supporting our local markets. By supporting the local market not only do we make new friends, but we help non-locals find the best stores, bars, and festivals to get their craft beer fix.


Here at BrewingSomeFun we are introducing #ProudToDrinkLocally as a new trend. This will be tied to any situations where we purchase something from a local brewery, store, or bar. Our goal is to support our communities by raising awareness of places that are off the beaten path, and not only help them succeed but help the local economy at the same time.Select a state below and join us on our journey into craft beer in America.

“Remember the best way to help your state’s craft beer market expand it to support local brands. #ProudToDrinkLocally” – Kevin & Steve