Beer Glassware

A collection of different types of glassware and what is the appropriate beer style to be served in that particular drinking vessel.

Type of Beer Glass         Style of Beer
 American Pint Amber Ale, American Amber Ale, American Wheat Ale, Red Ale
 French Glass  Witbier White Ale
 Goblet/Chalice  Belgian IPA,Belgian Strong Dark Ale,Berliner Weissbier,Dubbel,
Quadrupel (Quad),Tripel
 Irish Pint Glass  American Stout, Irish Stout
Nonick’ Imperial Pint     American Brown Ale,American Pale Ale,American Porter,
American Stout,English Brown Ale,English Pale Ale,
English-Style India Pale Ale,English-Style Porter,ESB
Pilsner Flute  Berliner Weisse,Bohemian Pilsner,California Common Beer,
Cream Ale,Dortmunder Export,Dusseldorfer Altbier,German Pilsner,
Kölsch,Scotch Ale
 Pokal  Bock,Heller Bock,Maibock,Scotch Ale,Weizenbock
Snifter  American Barleywine,Belgian Strong Dark,Doppelbock,
English-Style ,Barleywine,Imperial or Double IPA,Old Ale,Russian Imperial Stout,Strong Ale
 Stein  Märzen,Munich Dunkel,Oktoberfest,Schwarzbier,Vienna
 Tulip  Abbey Tripel,Biere de Garde,Flemish Brown and Red,
Imperial IPA,Lambic and Gueze,Saison
 Weissbier  Hefeweisee, Munich Dunkel